Music and Drama Ministry

Many inmates who would not normally attend a chapel service or Bible study will attend an outreach concert or theatrical performance.  Music and drama have an amazing way of softening even the most hardened of hearts.  When our volunteers share stories from their own lives, inmates can relate to them on a personal level.


A typical service is an hour to two hours long and includes an introduction to our ministry, worship, a concert or performance, a message, an altar call, and prayer requests if time allows. We have an experienced Group Leader at each institution who works with the music and drama teams as they tour different facilities throughout the year.

Booking Performances

Outreach concerts and drama performances are usually 30 to 45 minutes long. Our services are on a monthly basis, typically on a weekend. To keep a nice variety for the inmates, we try to book a different music or drama team each month throughout the year.  Inmates serving long sentences get to know our teams and look forward to them coming back each year.

Time Investment

Prison Ministry is very flexible. You can commit to as much or as little as you want. Some of our teams do only a couple of concerts or performances per year; others do one or more per month.

Download Creative Artist Application

Download PFC Guidelines for Creative Arts

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