Pen Pal Program

The Pen Pal program provides a ministry of friendship, mentoring and encouragement which is a vital link to the outside world for many inmates. Quite often a letter from a Pen Pal is the only contact an inmate will have with anyone on the outside.  Yet, there is frequently a significant waiting list of inmate requests for Pen Pals, especially from men.

The idea of sitting down and writing letters can seem daunting, but correspondence can be easily composed on a laptop computer while waiting to catch a plane at the airport, relaxing by the pool, or during your lunch break at the office.  It’s a small investment of time that can have an eternal impact behind bars.

Becoming a Pen Pal is also a great alternative for volunteers who may not be able to physically visit inmates but still want to make a difference for the kingdom.

Personal protection and privacy in writing is ensured by having mail delivered to the Pen Pal’s church address.  Only first names are used and home addresses are never given to the inmates.  We provide training for new Pen Pals twice each year at PFC-University.

Download a Pen Pal Volunteer Application

Download the PFC Pen Pal “Code of Conduct”

Download our “Guidelines for a Sponsoring Church”

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