PFC Prayer Team and Prayer Wall

We seek to reach the lost and hurting behind bars through the healing and saving power of God’s grace. With all that we endeavor to do, the enemy is constantly on the prowl. We need prayer warriors who will intercede on our behalf. If you have a passion for prayer and a heart for the ministry, please consider being a part of this integral team. The power of prayer is incredible, as we have witnessed time and time again.

Prayer Team

Pray from Home

You can pray right from your home. You’ll receive prayer requests via email and you can decide how and when you pray. They don’t have to be long prayers – just a brief sentence or two when you think of that prayer request helps. You can even pray while driving to work or standing in the checkout line.

Be Part of a Team

The team gets together quarterly for a prayer breakfast or all night prayer meetings that include food, fun, fellowship, worship, and some amazing and powerful prayer. You can become part of an important and unique team that is so vital to our ministry.

Time Investment

As a member of the Prayer Team, you enjoy a great amount of flexibility in terms of the time you invest. We don’t require a specific amount of time, just that you commit to lifting up the needs as they arise, in whatever way is most comfortable for you. To maintain the cohesiveness of the team, we also ask that you attend two of our four quarterly prayer meetings. If you live outside the local area, we understand this may not be possible.

PFC Prayer Wall

Submit a Prayer Request

You can submit a prayer request on the PFC Prayer Wall that will be posted for everyone to see and pray over within 24 hours.

Respond to a Prayer Request

You can submit a prayer in response to someone’s request. This is a great way to encourage the ones who are in need.

Receive Email Notifications of New Requests and Responses

You can sign up to receive instant notifications every time a new prayer request or response is posted to the prayer wall.

Share with Others

You can instantly share a prayer request with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Google Plus. This is a great way to create a prayer chain from the prayer wall.

Download a Prayer Team Volunteer Application

If you’d like the PFC Prayer Team to pray for you, please send us an email.

One Response to Pray

  1. Robin says:

    I work in a detention facility where music groups from PFC have come to perform for the kids. I think it is a wonderful thing you all do. These are kids on the fringe and need to know there are people out there that care.
    Thank you for doing this for them.
    I also enjoy listening to the music, it’s a much welcome change of pace.

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