PFC-University Course Descriptions

PFC-University is offered twice each year (spring and fall) at Cedar Park Christian High School in Bothell, WA.  Registration begins approximately one month prior to each session.

Note: Not all courses are offered each session. Please refer to the current registration form for the upcoming class schedule.


PFC 100: Basic Adult Training

[3 hours] An introduction to Jail and Prison Ministry for new or potential volunteers interested in ministering to adult inmates. This course describes the PFC vision, mission and strategy; the Biblical basis for prison ministry, inmate statistics, overview of the Washington State Corrections System, and how to best partner with the institutions for maximum effectiveness. (Required for in-prison adult ministry volunteers.)

PFC 110: Basic Juvenile Training

[6  hours] An introduction to Jail and Prison Ministry for new or potential volunteers interested in ministering to juvenile inmates. This course also covers the basics in understanding the juvenile mindset, effective communication with youth, and evangelism techniques. (Required for in-prison juvenile ministry volunteers.)

PFC 120: Effective Music & Drama Prison Ministry

[3 hours] This course will provide an introduction and overview of the PFC Creative Arts Ministry and equip volunteers to serve the Lord behind bars through music and/or drama.  The Code of Conduct will be covered and the course typically includes a Q&A panel discussion with seasoned volunteers who share their experience regarding what practices work best in the juvenile and adult institutions. (Required for music and drama ministry volunteers.)

PFC 130: Bible Study Reviewers Training

[3 hours] Describes the PFC National Bible Study Correspondence School; an expanding curriculum with over 80 individual Bible studies. The course covers the goals of the program, how to review the studies, how to write encouraging comments, how to deal with inmate requests, difficult issues and situations. (Required for Bible Study Correspondence School volunteers.)

PFC 150: Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct course is now offered online. Please be sure to take the online test afterward so you will get credit for reading the material. (Required for in-prison volunteers to adult and juvenile facilities.)

PFC 160: Understanding Inmate Manipulation

[1 hour] This course will provide a straight-forward look at the reality of inmate manipulation. Although PFC volunteers have tender hearts toward inmates, it is important that all volunteers understand that not every inmate has a sincere motivation to change and live for Jesus. This course will help you recognize when that is the case. This course will be held over the one hour lunch break, so please bring your brown bag lunch or pre-order a box lunch. (Recommended for all prison ministry volunteers.)

PFC 200: Group Leader Training

Prerequisite: PFC 100 or PFC 110 [3 hours] This teaming and leadership course will define the “franchise” concept of team ministry. It covers the roles and responsibilities of the Group Leader, the PFC office, elements of the PFC service and fundamentals of leadership. (Required for Group Leader candidates.)

PFC 220: Speakers Workshop

Prerequisite: Permission of the Executive Director [3 hours] This course will equip the prison ministry volunteer to become a link to the Christian community using nine methods to effectively communicate to the local church body. Learn the ropes of public speaking and how to tame the public speaking butterflies. (Recommended for Group Leaders, preachers, and teachers.)

PFC 240: Advanced Leadership

[3 hours] Equipping the called is one of PFC’s goals. This course includes the 5 levels of leadership, Biblical examples of good and bad leaders, and other leadership insights that will be useful for any leader. (Recommended for anyone called to leadership.)

PFC 250: Conducting an Altar Call

[1 hour] PFC is an evangelical jail and prison ministry. Virtually all of our services include a presentation of the gospel and conclude with an altar call. This workshop is intended to provide the volunteer with our best current practices for effective altar calls. All PFC preachers are encouraged to attend this workshop. Because this is an area that has been identified as a weakness in the ministry, this presentation will seek to minimize the variation we’ve observed and establish a more standardized process. This course will be held over the one hour lunch break, so please bring your brown bag lunch or pre-order a box lunch. (Required for Group Leaders. Recommended for in-jail & prison volunteers.)

PFC 260: Short Term International Prison Missions Trips

[1 hour] This workshop is intended to provide an understanding of what it is like to take a short term mission trip, specifically targeting prisons of third world countries. Participants will learn the 5 Ministry Objectives, how to raise support, targeted regions of the world, and much more. This course will be held over the one hour lunch break, so please bring your brown bag lunch or pre-order a box lunch. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 280: Understanding Gangs

[3 hours] This course dives into the dark world of gangs – gang culture, gang identification, gang colors – and how it all applies to volunteers. At the core of every gang member is a strong desire to belong. Understanding the challenges they face and what motivates them to commit gang crimes will help build empathy that can be used to bring gang members to Christ. (Recommended for in-prison volunteers to adult and juvenile facilities.)

PFC 300: Understanding Different Doctrines

[3 hours] Concisely explains 13 major Christian doctrines with a survey of how seven other religions view them. Includes ready-made, miniaturized, quick-reference handouts that can be affixed in the back of your Bible. Guaranteed to increase your faith and improve your witnessing. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 305: World Religions

[3 hours] Expanding on what is taught in PFC300, World Religions takes a look at 12 different cultural and religious systems and their differences with historic Christianity. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 310: Preaching and Teaching

[3 hours] Explains how to recognize the gift of teaching and preaching as well as how to prepare, organize, develop, write and deliver an effective sermon or Bible study. Includes in-class exercises on writing, preparing, and delivering messages. (Recommended for Group Leaders, preachers, and teachers.)

PFC 320: Understanding Addictions

[3 hours] This course offers a basic understanding of addictions. The student will be able to recognize addictive tendencies, understand the causes of addictions, understand appropriate and inappropriate behavior when dealing with the addict and gain a framework for overcoming addictions. (Recommended for anyone who interacts with current or former addicts.)

PFC 330: Understanding God’s Call in Christian Service

[3 hours] Often someone will say, “I’m called to be an evangelist,” or “God has called me to teach.” Are there Biblical standards for recognizing a calling? Are there different levels? How is this judged? This course answers those questions and many more. (Recommended for anyone called to any Christian ministry.)

PFC 340: Beginning a Writing Ministry

[1 hour] Paul, Peter, James, Jude, and John all wrote letters to individuals and churches. Writing can be a lasting legacy for any Christian. This class is intended to provide practical tools to be effective in writing; be it messages, sermons, letters, and more. Recommended for people who are computer literate (e.g. Word) and well-versed in grammar, punctuation, spellings, and word structure. (Recommended for anyone called to a writing ministry.)

PFC 350: Social Media in Ministry

[3 hours] Let’s face it, communication and ministry are being delivered through social media more and more each day. Prisoners For Christ is taking steps to get current in social media so we can spread the passion of prison ministry to many others. This course will help anyone understand current social media – what it is, how to use it, and how to use it effectively for prison ministry. Bring your mobile devices for hands-on tutorials. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 360: Receiving from the Lord

[3 hours] There are any number of attitudes in the Christian community when it comes to “receiving from the Lord” in the area of finances. This course presents eight principles which explain the plan of action God has given us. Plent of Scripture is provided to substantiate this process. (Recommended for anyone who raises financial support.)

PFC 370: Spiritual Warfare

[3 hours] This course focuses on the very real issue of spiritual warfare as applied inside the jails and prisons. Scripturally-based teaching equips the volunteer to understand the enemy and how to discern spiritual attacks. Learn how to use God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome and be victorious in any situation. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 380: PREA Training

The Department of Justice now requires each correctional entity to manage its own PREA training. If you have questions about requirements for your facility, please email the PFC Volunteer Coordinator.

PFC 390: The Holy Spirit

[3 hours] Comforter. Teacher. Intercessor. This course studies several different denominational teachings regarding the Holy Spirit, including the Pentecostal viewpoint on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the 9 gifts of the Spirit as taught by Paul in 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 14. (Recommended for all volunteers.)

PFC 410: Ministering Healing

Prerequisite: Permission of the Executive Director [3 hours] There are principles and practices for the proper application of the ministry of physical healing. This practical and Biblical approach to the subject targets the mature, earnest Christian who feels called to a ministry of healing. Modern testimonies with Scriptural explanation will give rise to understanding, faith, and the process to minister healing to benefit the Body of Christ. (Recommended for anyone called to a healing ministry.)

PFC 420: Assimilating Sex Offenders into the Local Church

Prerequisite: Permission of the Executive Director [3 hours] This program was designed for the local pastor, elder board member, and church leader. Learn about the three levels of sex offenders and the 5-step process to assimilating a sex offender successfully into your church body. Learn the difference between proper and improper monitoring and accountability methods. Co-authored by a pastor qualified in this very sensitive area of ministry. (Recommended for church Pastors, Elders, and Lay Leaders.)

PFC 500: Becoming a Full-Time Prison Missionary

Prerequisite: Permission of the Executive Director [3 hours] Learn how to transition from full-time secular work to full-time faith work. How to discern the call of God on your life, answering the tough questions, understanding 8 reasons why funding may not come in, and learn 4 road blocks to raising support. (Recommended for those seriously exploring the potential of full-time missionary work in the jails and prisons.)

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